Photobook publication inquiry

Eugenia Rosca Photobook publication inquiry Hello Mr. Kordon, My name is Eugenia, I am the main editor of Snap Collective Publishing ( - a publisher designed specially for photographers/artists. I… Eugenia Rosca


Vera Contact Hi Daniel, I m glad to greet you. My name' s Vera, I Work in performing arts and live in Barcelona. Yesterday I saw in a magazine article your photos about fireflies in Japan. I have liked them a lot. Since… Vera

Use of photo

Roy A Hansen Use of photo Hi Daniel! Since you have made so many beautiful photos of my home Senja I wanted to ask you if I can use the Midnight Sun photo, credited to you of course. This is the photo you have on your website… Roy A Hansen

запрос на тур

Oksana Vashchuk запрос на тур Здравствуйте! Просмотрела Ваши туры на 2021 Интересуют: -Монголия -Патагония -Япония Могу узнать… Oksana Vashchuk

San Diego Community College Student Interview Request

Martinha Griffis San Diego Community College Student Interview Request Dear Mr. Kordan,My name is Martinha Griffis and I am a student at San Diego City College in CA. This is my second-semester taking photography classes.… Martinha Griffis