Provence’s Lavender Paradise photo workshop, 29 June – 4 July 2018

Summer in Provence, from June until August, is painted in the rich colors of blooming lavender. Our journey to this wonderful land will be easy and warm, filled with midsummer aromas and pictures: small castle-like towns, cozy alleys, olive copses and endless lavender fields from one horizon to another. We’ll pay a special attention to landscapes of the Valensole plateau, with its blue lavender blooms, lone trees in the vast fields, towns and villages. Van Gogh and Picasso created their masterpieces here; we’ll try to follow in their footsteps, to find the same kind of inspiration.

White angels of Camargue photo workshop, 4 – 8 July 2018

Camargue is a paradise for those who love animals, nature and horses. We will interact with our own private group of horses and riders to photograph at some of the most stunning locations: sea shore with waves breaking in, sand dunes at sunset with backlight, green marshes, rivers and flooded infinite lake. You'll enjoy sessions with horses at the most beautiful time of the day with experienced guides and riders: at sunrise and sunset.

Greenland Midnight Sun photo workshop in Disko Bay, July-August – all departures are sold out

Greenland is the birthplace of the most incredible icebergs in the world. Wild nature, limited amount of tourists, colorful and friendly local villages… Greenland is absolute must-see at least once in a lifetime! If you ask us what is the best time to go, we’ll definitely answer: the second half of July! This time of the year the sun just slightly touches horizon, giving incredible opportunity to photograph all the night long! Imagine infinite sunset slowly going into sunrise during the midnight sun period!

Senja summer hiking photo tour, 14-20 August 2018 – 1 spot left

Senja is a paradise for landscape photographer. from above this island in Northern Norway looks like hand. Fingers are amazing rugged and jagged ridges, spaces between are fjords. If you hike any of the ridge, you'll be met by spectacular views of adjacent fjords and mountains 360*! We've chosen the most spectacular time for our hikes - Midnight sun. When sun just rolls over horizon for several hours in the night. We'll be camping in the most spectacular spots we discovered together with Max Rive at Senja island.

Kamchatka photo tour 2018, 12 – 26 August – 1 last spot

I invite you to a grand photo tour to Kamchatka. We’ll spend two weeks in the land of volcanoes and geysers and visit the most beautiful places of the wonderful Kamchatka.

South Greenland photography tour: the Arctic “Patagonia”, 8 – 18 September 2018 – 1 spot vacant

We invite you to join our unique expedition on “Aurora” yacht to Greenland. We plan to sail through the southern fjords of Greenland in autumn and to sail through the legendary Tasermiut fjord and Prince Christian Sound.

The Silk Road. Southern Mongolia photo adventure: in the heart of Gobi desert, 2 – 10 October 2018

Mongolia is a stunning place to experience a thousand years old culture, photograph epic desert landscapes in the heart of Gobi desert, experience famous hospitality of local people. This part of our Mongolian adventure is devoted to the Southern Mongolia, where the most famous Gobi sands lay. This is a land of canyons, deserts, beautiful mountains and ancient culture. We meet and photograph locals, have sessions with camel herders crossing sands. We have private sessions organized just for us with Bactrian camels, and visit most amazing places of Southern Mongolia on a 9-day adventure. We stay in traditional Ger camps and photograph not only landscapes - it's a great mix of nature&cultural experience.

The Silk Road. West Mongolia photo adventure: Golden Eagles, 23 September – 2 Oct 2018 – 2 spots vacant

We organize a very special event this October in Mongolia. Every year Eagle Hunters festival takes place in Mongolia. But we decided not to be in the crowd, but bring our own festival to just a private group of 12 photographers. Moreover, after a private festival we visit the most stunning mountain locations with 3-5 eagle hunters to make beautiful photos of West Mongolia. It'll be a trip where you can mix a cultural experience, portrait and genre photography plus practice in landscape. Mongolia is the land of wild beauty and untouched nature. We will stay in traditional Ger camps and photograph not only landscapes - it's a great mix of nature&cultural experience.