Regarding the $ 1000 prize for 25 people

Belal Salem Regarding the $ 1000 prize for 25 people Hello, my name is Bilal Salem, one of the people who published a post for you, and it was commented on today by you stating that I have won, please follow my page,… Belal Salem

Hime Hotaru of Japan 2019.

Raphael De Cock Hime Hotaru of Japan 2019. Dear Daniel I am a firefly researcher/musician. We organise an International Firefly Symposium (now postponed till 2022) We are Artists… Raphael De Cock

Possible order

Paul Possible order Dear Daniel, Would it be possible to order a print of photo 32 of the galary of the Baikal ice? The photo is not listed in the galary where one can place an order. If it would be possible,… Paul


LC Angell Fireflies Daniel, I'm inspired by your 2019 firefly photos. Could I ask what the process is of capturing and editing/combining photos like yours? My wife and I recently bought a 95 acre farm, and would love to capture… LC Angell

Japan print

Joe Bright Japan print Hi there. There was one of the Japan firefly photos that I'd like to get but it wasn't offered in the print section. Is there any chance to request a print? I was thinking an 11x14 or so. Please let… Joe Bright