From Sana’a, Capital of Yemen

Fouad ALGhaffari From Sana'a, Capital of Yemen Hello Daniel, I have sent you a note via Massenger, do you read massenger? Yours, FG. ALBRICS Youth Parliament No 806 Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 7.0; SAMSUNG… Fouad ALGhaffari


Andrea Kucis Instagram Dear Mr. Daniil Korzhonov , We apologize for using your Hobbiton, New Zealand photography that was published on your Instagram profile ( on May 5 2020.… Andrea Kucis

Be First To Experience Binance NFT: Coming June 2021

Mónica Zamora Be First To Experience Binance NFT: Coming June 2021 Hello, Daniel. I hope you are well. I’m Mónica Zamora, culture and arts manager. I’m contacting you by “Artcrypted”, an online cryptoart… Mónica Zamora

Travel Entrepreneur Reaching Out

David O Litwak Travel Entrepreneur Reaching Out Hey Daniel, Hope you're well and don't mind me reaching out cold. I'm a serial travel entrepreneur, I founded Mozio ( 10 years ago, which runs ground transportation… David O Litwak

Greenland & Socotra

Karen Massier Greenland & Socotra Hello, I'm very interested in your Greenland tour this summer. Can you tell me If I will be allowed into Greenland? I'm Canadian. Also please let me know what your refund policy… Karen Massier