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Lofoten islands: Nothern Spirits26th January – 2nd February 20152

Lofoten islands: chasing the Nothern Aurora, 26th January - 2nd February 2015

The tour I love most of all. This year we are making it with Erez Marom. We will live in Reine the first part of our journey, the authentic village. It is most amazing place at Lofoten: several small islands are scattered in the sea at the feet of magnificent Olstinden peak. Our home is situated on one of this islands named Hamnoy: it is traditional Norwegian cabin, named “rorbu”. But it is perfect comfort inside: warm house with shower, large hall and dining room.
Reine itself is amazing because it is pure traditional village at the south edge of Lofoten: small red and yellow houses look like cherries on the winter cake.
We will get at the “end of the world”, at the village “Å” one day. It is truly the razor-sharp edge of the world: “Å” is the last letter of Norwegian alphabet, and this is the last village at Lofoten archipelago. To say it is purely amazing is nothing to say – you must look at it, feel this atmosphere. There is a walking path towards the severe sea from this village. We should take it to look at famous Maelstrom whirpool (or imagine it at horizon between Lofoten and Varoy island, according to famous novell by Edgar Allan Poe). Skies are colored with red here at sunrise.
There are a lot of other arctic beaches in the short-list: Eggum, Unstad, Myrland. These words are magic for photographers who visited Lofoten. We should try to visit them all and take a look at amazing lakes on our way. I call Unstad “the boulder beach” because of large polished stones on the shore. At Eggum there is nice small lighthouse and German fort, with a lake under mountains and long stormy coast.
Do you know what is the “ice flower”? I will show you. This is amazing phenomena: when high tide lowers in winter, the smooth ice cracks on stones in the fjord, so sharp ice petals appear. East coast of Lofoten has a small road, we will get by it at sunrise to catch reflection of the sun in these “Lofoten roses”.