Vibrant Vietnam: A Photographic Journey 2025, 1-11 October – guided by by Trần Tuấn Việt

Embark on a journey through the visually stunning landscapes and culturally rich scenes of Vietnam with a photo tour like no other. Whether you are a professional photographer or an enthusiastic amateur, this guided excursion will provide you with the opportunity to capture the beauty and essence of this diverse country. From iconic landmarks to traditional villages, bustling city markets, and scenic rural areas, you will be transported to some of the most photogenic locations in Vietnam. With the guidance of experienced photographers, you will learn new techniques, receive feedback and critiques, and come away with a collection of stunning photos that showcase the unique character and beauty of this incredible country. Get ready to create memories and capture images that will last a lifetime with a Vietnam photo tour. The tour is led by legendary Vietnamese photographer – Trần Tuấn Việt, together with Daniel Kordan

Your Vietnam photo tour will begin in the charming capital city of Hanoi, where you’ll explore its bustling streets, bustling street markets, and historical landmarks, capturing the energy and life of this vibrant city. From Hanoi, you’ll travel to the stunning rural district of Mu Cang Chai, known for its breathtaking rice terrace fields and traditional Hmong villages. You’ll have the opportunity to photograph the rural beauty and traditional lifestyle of the region’s residents. Next, you’ll visit Da Nang, a coastal city renowned for its stunning beaches, colorful night markets, and unique bridges. Finally, you’ll end your journey in the charming ancient town of Hoi An, with its well-preserved Old Quarter, vibrant street life, and beautiful riverside scenery. With these diverse destinations, you’ll have a range of opportunities to capture the essence of Vietnam through your lens, from its bustling cities to its rural landscapes, and from its historical towns to its traditional villages.

Photos by Trần Tuấn Việt and Daniel Kordan from the same itinerary we did in September/October 2023.  Guided by Viet and Daniel.

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Day 1, 1 October

A new adventure awaits as you arrive in the charming capital city of Hanoi. With visa on arrival now available for many countries and no quarantine needed, choose from a range of airlines such as Vietnam Airlines, VietJetAir, or Bamboo Airways to make your arrival convenient and comfortable. Aim to arrive between 8-9 AM local time, to maximize your time and allow for a seamless start to your photo tour. It is highly recommended to arrive a day earlier, to relax and get acclimated. We’ll provide a hotel recommendation so you can stay at the same place.

Meeting 1:00 pm hotel lobby. Please have lunch before the meeting time.

We’ll begin our journey with a visit to the traditional incense village of Hanoi, where artisans have been hand-crafting incense sticks for generations. This unique and vibrant location provides a feast for the eyes, you can either use your camera or a drone to make a top bird-eye view of the iconic scene! Get ready to create award winning images that are truly special and that will evoke the senses long after you’ve left this magical place.

In the afternoon we’ll travel back to Hanoi and have first welcome dinner together.

Dinner included first day.


Day 2

The new day brings with it an exciting opportunity to capture one of the most beautiful photography spots around Hanoi.

In the morning we move to a soy sauce makers village. You will see not just the process that was preserved in generations but also capture stunning colorful images inside a very authentic yard.

In the afternoon we’ll travel to the traditional bamboo fishing village in Hung Yen province, where we’ll have the opportunity to observe and capture the timeless art of fishing with bamboo baskets. This charming and tranquil village is nestled amidst rolling hills and tranquil waters, and provides a glimpse into a way of life that has remained largely unchanged for generations.

Here you will meet master Luong Son Bac.

In the tranquil heart of Vietnam’s countryside, a remarkable artisan, Mr. Luong Son Bac, at the tender age of 80, is a living embodiment of time-honored traditions. With hands weathered by the years, he skillfully crafts the “Đó,” a fishing basket intricately woven from bamboo, a craft passed down through generations.
The story of the Đó begins at an early age for Mr. Luong Son Bac. He recalls, “I started weaving these baskets when I was just 10 years old.” Each basket, a testament to his unwavering dedication, is a work of art in its own right, a labor of love passed down through the ages.
In the bustling markets of Vietnam, the Đó is more than just a basket; it is a symbol of heritage and a connection to the ancient ways of fishing. These finely woven baskets, each a unique masterpiece, can be found at prices ranging between 20,000 and 40,000 VND (equivalent to 1-2 USD), a small sum for an enduring piece of history.
Yet, the story doesn’t end with the weaving. After each basket emerges from the hands of a skilled knitter, it undergoes a transformative process. In the dimly lit kitchens of Vietnam’s rural homes, the Đó is gently smoked, a ritual to safeguard against of termites and insects. This step, a vital part of the process, ensures that these baskets will stand the test of time.
Remarkably, it takes approximately 60 minutes for a skilled knitter to complete one of these intricate pieces. Each minute represents a lifetime of dedication, a story etched into the very carcass of these baskets, woven together by history and a deep connection to the land.
In the hands of Mr. Luong Son Bac and artisans like him, the Đó remains a living testament to the enduring spirit of Vietnamese culture. As he weaves, he weaves the past into the present, creating a bridge between generations and preserving a craft that has withstood the test of time. The Đó is more than a fishing basket; it is a piece of history, a cultural treasure that continues to tell a story of dedication, craftsmanship, and heritage.

After a day filled with discovery and wonder, we’ll return to our hotel in Hanoi, refreshed and rejuvenated after stay at 5 star hotel, and ready to continue our journey through the heart of Vietnam.


Day 3

We set out on an early morning (3 am) journey to the picturesque village of  Tea Plantations, a mere two-hour drive from Hanoi. Here, we’ll have the opportunity to capture the breathtaking beauty of the tea hills, surrounded by lush green landscapes and rolling hills. After soaking in the beauty of this idyllic location, we’ll embark on a seven-hour journey to the heart of the northwest region, to the breathtaking district of Mu Cang Chai.

As we travel through the region, we’ll make a stop at Tu Le valley, where you’ll have the chance to capture the stunning beauty of the valley, with its rolling hills, picturesque rivers, and rolling terraced fields. As the sun sets, we’ll arrive in Mu Cang Chai, where we’ll spend the night in a cozy hotel, surrounded by the serene beauty of the rural landscape. Get ready to create unforgettable memories and stunning images as we delve deeper into the heart of Vietnam. Be prepared for a long drive today, almost 6-7 hours!


Day 4

On this memorable day, we rise early and embark on a journey to the heart of the northwest region. Setting out at 4 AM, we’ll move to a parking area and transfer to a short bike trip to one of the most iconic vistas of Mu Cang Chai, the Mam Xoi viewpoint. As the dawn breaks and the sun rises, you’ll have the chance to capture the breathtaking beauty of Mu Cang Chai in all its glory, surrounded by lush green landscapes, rolling hills, and the picturesque rice terraces.

With a camera in hand, you’ll experience the most breathtaking views of Mu Cang Chai as the morning light casts its golden glow over the rolling hills and the mist lifts from the valleys below. As the morning progresses and the day begins to fill with tourists, we’ll savor the serenity and beauty of this idyllic location until 8 AM, when it’s time to continue our journey. Get ready to create unforgettable memories and stunning images as you witness the breathtaking beauty of Mu Cang Chai.

After a memorable morning capturing the breathtaking beauty of Mu Cang Chai, we return to the hotel for a well-deserved breakfast. Refreshed and reinvigorated, we embark on the next stage of our journey, traveling up to the home of the H’Mong ethnic people.

With a camera in hand, we’ll capture the picturesque beauty of their traditional homes, surrounded by fields of golden corn. As we interact with these friendly and welcoming people, we’ll have the opportunity to capture their portraits and gain a deeper understanding of their unique culture and traditions. We’ll spend the next two hours capturing the beauty of this idyllic location before returning to our hotel for a delicious lunch.

As the afternoon progresses, we’ll visit the magnificent bamboo forest of Mu Cang Chai, surrounded by rolling hills and serene landscapes. This breathtaking location offers the perfect opportunity to capture the beauty of nature in all its glory, surrounded by towering bamboo trees, rustling leaves, and the gentle sounds of the forest.


Day 5

The new day brings new adventures and opportunities for stunning photography. As the sun rises, we’ll set out to capture the magnificent steps of the rice terraces, surrounded by lush green landscapes and rolling hills. The morning light provides the perfect opportunity to create images that are truly breathtaking and unforgettable.

After our morning shoot, we’ll move on to another charming village where we’ll have the chance to capture the beauty and traditions of the H’Mong people. With their vibrant customs and colorful attire, they provide a rich tapestry of photographic subjects that are sure to delight and inspire.

As the afternoon progresses, we’ll ascend to a high hill where we’ll capture the stunning beauty of the rice terraces as the sun sets, casting its golden light over the rolling hills and the verdant landscapes below. After a satisfying dinner, we’ll move on to the Mam Xoi viewpoint, where we’ll have the chance to capture the magnificent beauty of the milky way as it rises over the iconic rice terraces of Mu Cang Chai.


Day 6

Mu Cang Chai is so wonderful that it deserves 3 nights total stay! We have one extra day for the weather because it is quite unpredictable in this region – to have a plan B!


Day 7

As our time in Mu Cang Chai draws to a close, we rise early in the morning, eager to continue our journey. We’ll depart the peaceful valley, taking with us memories of the magnificent rice terraces, the friendly H’Mong people, and the breathtaking beauty of the region. As we make our way back to Yen Bai. the capital of province, we’ll have time to reflect on the incredible experiences we’ve had thus far, and to anticipate the wonders that await us in the days to come. In the afternoon we take a flight from Hanoi to Da Nang from Noi Bai airport. Settle in 5 star hotel at charming city of lanterns Hoi An for 2 nights.


Day 8

The day begins with a journey of discovery as we set out to capture the beauty and tradition of Vietnam through the lens of our cameras. Early in the morning, we start by observing the skilled hands of the local fishermen as they cast their huge nets, a timeless and beautiful representation of the culture of the region. This unique opportunity allows us to capture the true spirit of the local people and their way of life.

“Ro Cho” – fisherman sunrise “dance” in Vietnam. In Vietnam, “Ro Cho” means literally “fishing net with a small house.”  This incredible net is designed like a floating house, and it’s not just about aesthetics. We had the privilege of capturing Mr. Muoi in action. He’s been using this method for an incredible 46 years!

Later, we have a portrait session with an old lady who is dubbed “the most beautiful elder of Vietnam”. Her grace and beauty embody the spirit of the country and her story is one that deserves to be captured and shared.

Then we photograph some colorful scenes like making a mat from the painted grass, and have a fun ride and photograph “coconut boat” – classical coracle boats.

The day full of colors will conclude with an authentic dinner with delicious Vietnamese food at the town of lanterns – Hoi An.


Day 9

The day begins with a journey of discovery as we set out to capture the beauty and tradition of Vietnam through the lens of our cameras. Early in the morning, we start by walking in quiet Hoi An with colorful yellow walls and models in traditional Vietnam dress. After the wonderful breakfast at 5 star hotel we will have some rest and check out. We have a special electric car shuttle to our bus parking because inside Hoi An it is prohibited to use bigger vehicles. Visitors usually walk or use bicycle.

This photo tour itinerary is a journey through the rich culture, history, and natural beauty of Vietnam, so the next stop for 1 night will be imperial city of Hue.

Upon arrival in Hue, we are greeted by the bustling streets and charming buildings that make up this unique city. In the afternoon, we embark on a photo tour that promises to be unforgettable. First, we make our way to the river where we are met with a breathtaking sight. The water shimmers in the sunlight, reflecting the vibrant colors of the city, and floating candles add to the magic of the moment. This tranquil scene provides us with a perfect opportunity to capture the essence of Hue through our lenses.

Next, we observe the skilled hands of the local fishermen as they cast their nets and catch the day’s catch. We capture their laughter and conversation, capturing the true spirit of this lively city. These moments embody the beauty of life and the simple joys that can be found in even the most unexpected places. And later on a floating candle offering from a boat at Huong river. We will photograph both events from the bridge.

This photo tour itinerary is designed to showcase the beauty of Hue, and each step of the way, we are surrounded by stunning sights and unforgettable experiences. By the end of the day, we return to our homes with a collection of photographs that tell the story of our journey and the magic of this unforgettable city.


Day 10

The day begins with a journey of discovery as we visit The Imperial City of Hue, a UNESCO Heritage site. Here, we are surrounded by the rich history and cultural heritage of this magnificent city. In the morning, we have the opportunity to capture some scenes with Vietnamese girls dressed in traditional attire, a beautiful and timeless representation of their cultural heritage.

After the breakfast and rest we check out from our hotel and transfer to Hue airport to catch a flight to Ho Chi Minh city. We settle down for one night in this modern city full of energy.


Day 11, 11 October

“Tranquil Waterlily Day Photo Tour in Long An”

Embark on a captivating day photo tour to Long An, a serene destination just a short drive away from Ho Chi Minh City. This tour offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the Long An countryside and capture stunning photographs of woman collecting waterlilies in their pristine setting. They sell them later at the market, and use as the food for hotpot or for decorations.

Our journey begins with an early morning check-out from your hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, ensuring you’re well-prepared with your photography equipment. From there, we’ll provide comfortable transportation to Long An, allowing you to enjoy the scenic landscapes as the countryside awakens with rustic charm.

Upon arrival in Long An, we’ll head straight to the waterlily fields in Mekong delta, where you can explore and capture the delicate beauty of these aquatic flowers. The morning light will be the perfect canvas for your photography, offering a serene and tranquil atmosphere to capture stunning shots.

Upon returning to Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), we’ll have a leisurely lunch at a local restaurant, providing you with the opportunity to review and share your best shots from the day.

The tour concludes at 3:00 PM at HCMC airport or at any hotel in the city, leaving you with the rest of the day to explore the city further, rest, and review your photos from this memorable day.

This photo tour itinerary is a journey of discovery, a celebration of the beauty of Vietnam, and a testament to the power of photography to capture and preserve the magic of our experiences. From the incredible Golden Bridge to the breathtaking landscapes and culture of this magnificent country, every step of the way has been a journey of wonder and beauty.

You can book your international flight this day, starting from 7 p.m. or any day after if you want to stay longer on your own.

Price: 7900 USD
Single supplement: 1000 USD (upgrade from twin to single)

Where do we stay 

In Ha Noi, Da Nang, Hue, Hoi An, Saigon we stay at 5 star hotels. In Mu Cang Chai we stay in amazing resort Le Champ, we stay in the best hotel in the area. Traveling with a private car – only all window seats.

Photography Level

  • Beginners and advanced photographers
  • DSLR / mirrorless / drone support in some areas
  • Workshop for editing, post-processing (via Lightroom and/or Photoshop)

Tour Include

  • best available hotel in remote locations and best hotels in Hanoi – TWIN based (share with another participant of the same gender)
  • Private air-conditioned transportation for listed activities
  • 3 standard meals and non-alcoholic beverages per day
  • coffee breaks
  • Unlimited 4G Internet SIM
  • Unlimited bottled water
  • Site entry fees (if applicable)
  • Model fees (if applicable)
  • Two local flights: Hanoi to Da Nang and Hue to Saigon
  • Photography guides

Tour Exclude

  • International flight to arrive and depart from / to Vietnam
  • Airport transfers
  • Entry visa to Vietnam
  • Travel insurance private (it is a must)
  • Alcoholic beverages, personal expenses, tips
  • Services and transportation are for listed activities only
  • Charges will be applied for any additional requests
  • Single supplement 1000 USD

Cancellation and Refund Policy

We strongly recommend you to get a Trip Cancellation & Travel Insurance after booking your trip. If you cancel and the Workshop is otherwise filled, we will refund you the full amount you have paid towards the tuition, minus a $300 service charge. If you cancel and the Workshop does not fill, then you will be refunded according to the following schedule, based on the full fee of the Workshop:

Greater than 90 days from the start date of the Workshop:

full refund minus $300 service fee.

75 days or more :75% refund 60 days or more: 50% refund

Less than 60 days: no refund Refunds will be paid by the same method that the original payment was made.


What to bring

– DSLR or mirrorless camera with tripod and remote shutter release, its better to use spikes for your tripod
– A wide angle lens. For example, Nikkor 14-24 or Canon 17-40. Best lens for use in wide-angle scenes or architecture photography
– A middle-zoom lens such as a 24-70 mm
– A telephoto zoom lens, such as a 70-200 mm
– Drone is recommended

– Waterproof and windproof jacket (light, will be around 20-30 C)
– Waterproof pants
– Warm down-jacket and thermal pants
– Casual clothes for dinners and lunches and photography workshops


Tour leaders – Trần Tuấn Việt

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Trần Tuấn Việt (Tran Tuan Viet) is an award-winning Vietnamese photographer and internationally published visual-storyteller, currently based in Hanoi, Vietnam. Being passionate about photography since 2007, Viet offers in his photographs the beauty of his motherland.

Devoted to dedication and creativity, Viet’s work is being commissioned by reputed clients including Google, Canon, Honda, Samsung, Hyundai, vivo, Huawei, etc. Viet’s photos are also widely published by renowned media outlets such as National Geographic, Discovery, Smithsonian, Forbes, CNN, The Guardian, etc.

Honored to be called “the photographer who brings the images of Vietnam to the world”  (Vietnam News Agency, VnExpress, Tuổi Trẻ, Dân Trí, etc…), Viet uses photography to tell the world the beauty of Vietnam.

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