Bolivia and Chile photography expedition, 25 April – 10 May / 5 spots available

Welcome to another planet! Welcome to remote Bolivia! However, our once-in-a-lifetime journey will not only be to Bolivia but also to Atacama Desert, Chile part. We meet you there on another continent in Calama town. April, 25 is the day when our 15-days adventure starts.

Baikal “Arctic”, 18 – 26 May 2016

This time of the year Baikal lake reminds Svalbard in summer time: ice floats in shards across the lake, the shiny and warm spring weather will greet us while our sturdy comfortable ship is striking through the ice.

White horses of Camargue photo workshop, 25 – 29 June / 4 spots available

The ranchers will help us get a beautiful show of white horses galloping on a sandy beach or a shallow water. During the day, we’ll analyze the photos taken, and in the evening we’re off to the park again for another session. This time, in addition to the evening run, our helpers will bring together two stallions, and we’ll see them in all their passionate glory.

Provence’s Lavender Paradise photo workshop, 29 June – 6 July

Summer in Provence, from June until August, is painted in the rich colors of blooming lavender. Our journey to this wonderful land will be easy and warm, filled with midsummer aromas and pictures: small castle-like towns, cozy alleys, olive copses and endless lavender fields from one horizon to another. We’ll pay a special attention to landscapes of the Valensole plateau, with its blue lavender blooms, lone trees in the vast fields, towns and villages. Van Gogh and Picasso created their masterpieces here; we’ll try to follow in their footsteps, to find the same kind of inspiration.

Greenland: majestic Scroresby Sund, 10 – 17 August / Sold out

So what is the fjord Scoresby? Astonishingly, this is the longest fjord system in the world! A fjord has a treelike structure and the longest of such branches is 350 km! Moreover, it’s one of the deepest fjords in the world - it was formed because of tectonic hollow’s flood.

Kamchatka: Land of Giants, 28 Aug – 11 Sept / Sold out

I invite you to a grand photo tour to Kamchatka. It will take place from 21 August to 4 September. We’ll spend two weeks in the land of volcanoes and geysers and visit the most beautiful places of the wonderful Kamchatka. During the tour, I will consult you in the fine aspects of shooting, hold workshops and discussions about photo shooting and processing. So our schedule will be really packed, no time to get bored at all!