Landscape in Depth Tutorial

Thomas Shea Landscape in Depth Tutorial Hello, Hoping you can answer this rather timely with all your travels and all. I want to purchase your Landscape Photography in Depth tutorials but the question is have… Thomas Shea

You Tuber

William Ting You Tuber i love your art, keep it up! 🙂 i was wondering if i can use your photography work for my art work I'm just asking you for permission first let me know No 422 Mozilla/5.0 (Windows…

Asking for permission to repost your Instagram photos

Amy Asking for permission to repost your Instagram photos Hi Daniel, Your IG page is so great with a lot of gorgeous photos. I and my friends are building a few video/photo channels (in four languages including… Amy

Winter landscape in depth

Stephen Hadeen Winter landscape in depth I am curious if your Winter Landscape In Depth is also subtitled. Getting ready to buy your Landscape Photography In Depth course and noticed the offer of adding the Winter one for… Stephen Hadeen


Tomomi Tanino Hello Dear Mr.Daniel Kordan I hope you're doing well. My name is Tomomi Tanino, I was a staff at Gion Maifukan. As we sent email to you before, we are sorry Maifukan closed on March. That's not only because… Tomomi Tanino