Danial Bamati a9266k@gmail.com MISTAKE IN EMAIL ADDRESS Hello. I bought the photo editing tutorial, but twice, money was transferred from my account to your account due to entering the wrong email address. After correcting the email address,…


info@lastfrontierstrekking.com Nima Sherpa

Fam Photo Tour in Mustang Nepal for travel photographers 2023

Nima Sherpa info@lastfrontierstrekking.com Fam Photo Tour in Mustang Nepal for travel photographers 2023 Hi In 2023 October, Last Frontiers is offering a familiarization photo tour to travel photographers, photo tour organizers, and photo…


judithmlawler@gmail.com Judy Lawler

Northern Ireland

Judy Lawler judithmlawler@gmail.com Northern Ireland Hi, I'm interested in your Northern Ireland Photo tour. 1. Do youhave availability for the Fall tour? 2. What photography skill level is required? 3. What kind of accommodations? Thanks…


michael.s@focus.market Michael Schneider

NFT marketplace collaboration

Michael Schneider michael.s@focus.market NFT marketplace collaboration Hi Daniel, we are big fans of your photography and your work is really impressive. Therefore, I would love to introduce you to our venture, ‘Focus Market’ - a decentralized,…

Indonesia 2023

Debra K. Hamilton debrahamilton7@hotmail.com Indonesia 2023 Hi Daniel, My sister, Michelle Talbot, has been discussing your workshops in Indonesia with me. We have a long list of places to go and until we saw your images, Indonesia wasn't even…

Komodo: photography tour in paradise, 26-28 June 2022

Located between the islands of Sumbawa and Flores in the East Nusa Tenggara province, nested the wonderful Komodo National Park. The Komodo National Park encompasses a total of 29 volcanic islands (including the 3 major islands Rinca, Padar and Komodo) and is home to approximately 2,500 Komodo Dragons and other terrestrial fauna such as various species of reptiles, birds, and mammals.


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