Greenland yacht photography workshop – 26 July to 2 August and 2 – 9 August 2015

I’m inviting you to a unique adventure – a sailing trip around Greenland on a famous 60ft yacht Peter I, one of a very few sailing ships daring and able to visit these waters. Greenland with its iceberg-prone coasts and bays is difficult for any vessels, but have no fear: this one has proven its excellence in arctic waters many times. In 2010, Peter I – captained by my namesake Daniel Gavrilov – has become the first sailing ship to sail around the Arctic in a single season without ice-breaker assistance, passing through the Northeast and Northwest Passages both.
This summer, we’re conducting a weeklong photo workshop on board the yacht while cruising the Greenland ice waters. We’ll be shooting at nights, while our days will be spent resting and sorting out photos. The time is the best for this kind of activity: in late July, the sun is barely touching the horizon at night so in a fair weather, we’ll have a whole night of golden and blue hours!
Please note that the yacht can accommodate only seven participants at once, so the size of our group will be very limited. Best to book your trip as soon as possible!
The workshop price includes lodging on the yacht, guides and instructors’ wages, master classes and support in practical photography, all excursions in Greenland; in other words, everything but the air fare to to Ilulissat and back. The prices for air tickets can be monitored at or One convenient way to plan your trip is through Copenhagen; also, our tour might become a good extension of a visit to Iceland.
I would recommend you to check the prices for air travel to Ilulissat before booking the workshop; the tickets are expensive so it’s wise to monitor the prices. Usually, the earlier you book, the cheaper it gets.
Our workshop will be very different from a traditional Greenland tour; usually, Zodiac boat excursions are available only during limited hours; while we’ll be at sea all the time, chasing good lighting conditions and interesting exposures without sacrificing our mobility.

Included in the price:
– All transfers
– Accomodation on yacht
– Instruction and master classes by professional guide
– All meals and drinks
– Professional team of Arctic sailors

Not included in the price:
– Airfare to and from Ilulissaat airport
– Alchogolic drinks

Tour leader:
Daniel Kordan

Join us today!