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Annie annie_gallivan@yahoo.com Hi Daniel, which year is this trip - 2022 or 2023? It's listed as 2022 but on your web site under 2023 - https://danielkordan.com/portfolio-item/wonderful-wild-indonesia-sumba-komodo-adventure-12-19-august-2022/ Thanks, Annie No 1186 Mozilla/5.0…


debrahamilton7@hotmail.com Debra K. Hamilton

Patagonia 2023

Debra K. Hamilton debrahamilton7@hotmail.com Patagonia 2023 Michelle, Lance and I have booked our flights and had to arrive one day early to Punta Arenas on April 19. Would you be willing to share the name of the motel in which we will be staying…


martelljohn@hotmail.com John Martell

Greenland Workshop 2023

John Martell martelljohn@hotmail.com Greenland Workshop 2023 I am very interested in one of your 2023 workshops in Greenland. You have many images of a sailboat with red sails in front of an iceberg. Is that a shot that is part of every workshop? Thanks…

Greenland Workshop 20923

John Martell martelljohn@hotmail.com Greenland Workshop 20923 This workshop sounds amazing. I have always admired your images of the sailboat with red sails in front of spectacular icebergs. is that part of each trip? Thank you. John Martell No 1183 Mozilla/5.0…


j.nicdavidsonphotography@gmail.com Nic Davidson

2023 Bali/Sumba

Nic Davidson j.nicdavidsonphotography@gmail.com 2023 Bali/Sumba Hello, I have been a huge fan of your work for several years. I would be interested in information pertaining to any Bali/Sumba expeditions planned for 2023 (or late 2022).…


patrick.ehlen@me.com Patrick Ehlen

White Horses Camargue

Patrick Ehlen patrick.ehlen@me.com White Horses Camargue Dear Daniel, we met each other at your red sails tour in Greenland 2019. This year my wife and I will be in the Provence from 28.06. - 30.06.. Would you mind if we join your group just…