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Timnothy Harmon harm22@mac.com Lofoten tours I was looking for a two day Lofoten photo tour in August. Is this something you provide, or do you know of anyone who provides this service? Thanks, Tim. No 1180 Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh;…

Wonderful and wild Indonesia: Sumba and Komodo adventure, 12-19 August 2022

This trip comprises two of the most spectacular in its pure wilderness areas of Indonesia - Sumba island and Komodo. My absolute favourites to explore in Indonesia. And I am going to take you on a trip like no other. Unique, wild and wonderful. Let's explore together.

Patagonia photo workshop, 20-29 April 2023

Patagonia is a place of magical light. You can encounter the moments of true revelation of nature with a men. Amazing sunsets with lenticular clouds, wilderness of nature and enormous Andes ridge mountains await you in the most beautiful season – Patagonia Autumn. Beautiful red colors frame mountains in April, fresh snow lays between the waterfalls and on tops of diamond peaks, birds are singing in the woods and almost no tourists disturb this serenity. We planned the most amazing locations for you on the tour, so check our itinerary and join:

Greenland Midnight Sun photo workshops in Disko Bay (West Greenland), July-September 2023

Greenland is the birthplace of the most incredible icebergs in the world. Wild nature, limited amount of tourists, colorful and friendly local villages… Greenland is absolute must-see at least once in a lifetime! If you ask us what is the best time to go, we’ll definitely answer: the second half of July! This time of the year the sun just slightly touches horizon, giving incredible opportunity to photograph all the night long! Imagine infinite sunset slowly going into sunrise during the midnight sun period!