Schedule for 2014. You may message me with inquiry to include you in waiting list in case of no spots in the tour.
Photo workshopDatesSpots left
Lofoten islands: chasing the Nothern Aurora26 february – 8 marchGallery
Lofoten islands: chasing the Nothern Aurora9 march – 16 marchGallery
Ireland: Giants trail1 – 11 maySold out
Tuscany: red carpets of poppies17 – 27 maySold out
Umbria: light on Grand Piano27 may – 3 juneSold out
France: lavender fields and white horses of Camargue
2 – 11 julySold out
Iceland adventure22 july – 3 augustSold out
Russia: Kamchatka photo-workshop23 august – 8 septemberSold out
Nothern Norway: Senja and Lofoten grand tour18 – 28 september4
Scotland: Hebrides and Skye
5 – 16 octoberSold out
Bolivia: from Uyuni to Sahama16 – 30 ноября5

Bolivia: from Uyuni to Sahama, 16-30 november 2014

Expedition to Bolivia. Our main goal is to reach Uyuni salts, a huge white grounds with amazing “ball texture”. It looks fantastic at sunsets and sunrises. I hope we will find water at Uyuni in the end of november to take photos with reflection of dark blue sky in the biggest mirror in the world. We should meet “caсtus islands”, canyons, colorful lagoons with flamingos on our way. The trip ends in LaPaz with possibility to get to famous Uros island in Peru or spend 3 days with me in Rio de Janeiro. Expedition is charged 100% with powerful jeeps (Toyota Land Cruisers) and supporting personnel: drivers, guides, chefs – as much comfort as you can get at Altiplano

  • Фототур в Боливию

Scotland: Hebrides and Skye, 5-16 october 2014

Have you ever seen the “Brave heart” and dreamt to visit Scotland to see castles in fjords, lost forests and lakes with amazing monsters? Then this is a tour for you – it is split for 2 parts: white sands of Hebrides and Lost World of Skye islands. Keep it dreaming! Old Man of Storr awaits you.

Nothern Norway: Senja and Lofoten grand tour, 19-28 september 2014

Grand adventure along my favourite road: Tromso-Senja-Lofoten. Charming beauty of North in one adventure. From polar museums and oceanarium in Tromso we will move to beautiful Senja island along fjords and lakes decorated with autumn dress. Unspoiled nature of this island is truly gem of norwegian North. I will show you some of my hikes. They are very simple to get to and you do not need special gear to reach the top along the good path. And in the end… The end of the journey, of course, the home of my soul – Lofoten islands. We will travel through the whole archipelago till the Reine village, where we should base for a couple of days.

Russia: Kamchatka photo-workshop, 23 august - 8 september 2014

I invite you to great photography expedition to Kamchatka. It is land of volcanoes, geysirs and unspoiled nature. If you are tired from icelandic pictures and landscapes – you are welcome to Kamchatka. It is very hard to organize a trip here, but we made it! We will move on our own truck Kamaz – it looks inside like a comfortable bus, but it is very powerful to drive through forest roads.The Kamchatka peninsula contains the volcanoes of Kamchatka, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We will meet a lot of animals: brown bears, foxes, deers. They will not be aggressive: in the end of the summer bears eat a lot of salmon from rivers. We have almost 2 weeks to expole Kamchatka nature – it is quite unique expedition for photographers, where we can move mainly by our own bus

Iceland adventure, 22 july - 3 august 2014

Positioned at 66 north latitude, the sun never fully sets in summer months. It will be possible to enjoy the beauty of a sunset as it fades into sunrise! This can mean up to four consecutive hours of great suset-sunrise light in august. Rugged mountains, geothermal valleys, terrific waterfalls, moss-covered valleys, lagoons with icebergs, black sand beaches… Iceland is a landscape photographer’s dream. As an option I provide opportunity to get to a short expedion into famous trekking landmannalaugar-thorsmork with all camping equipment. Accomodation for the main journey is in 3-4* hotels. Full board is included.

France: lavender fields and white horses of Camargue, 2-11 july 2014

Fragrant lavender fields bloom from June to August in the Luberon, around the Mont-Ventoux, in the region of Sault and that of Valréas; such amazing scenery and atmosphere make the lavender fields one of the summer Must-Sees in Provence. Follow the lavender roads in Provence with me from Valensole fields to Arles. We will visit natural scenes at Valensole as well as small cozy villages near Arles and Aix-en-Provence to feel the unique atmosphere colored with violet and richly perfumed with beautifull summer flavors.

Umbria: light on Grand Piano, 27 may 3 june 2014

Italy’s green heart, Umbria is a land unto itself, it is slow and peaceful land of wine, mountains and small villages on hills. Removed from outside influences, it has kept alive many of Italy’s old-world traditions. Everchanging, untouched landscapes in the green of winding valleys make Umbria a region that will never fail to amaze. This region comprises mainly hills, mountains, hollows and plains and extends along the Tiber’s central basin. Together with you we will be catching the light in Gran Tasso and Abruzzo and then move to Norcia to take a look at Grand Piano and Castelluccio.

Tuscany: red carpets of poppies, 17-27 may 2014

I am inviting you for the summer journey to take a look at red carpets of Tuscany – fields covered with elegant poppies. Tuscany hosts innumerable astounding localities, many of which are also named UNESCO World Heritage Sites; of course, we will begin with Florence. The charm of Florence is also evident along the Arno River, on the picturesque Ponte Vecchio, and in the workshops of artisans that liven up the lanes of the old town.
Of countless other Tuscan particularities, the Orcia Valley (UNESCO) deserves to be mentioned for the beauty of its fields and landscapes that have inspired many Renaissance artists. Now this valley is inspiring photographers to make beautiful pictures. Of course, we will not be focused only on Tuscany fields, but visit numerous of small villages at tops of hills and cliffs.
Pienza is the “ideal Renaissance town” that was wanted and created by Pope Pius II. The spectacular arrangement of the spaces and the richness of the buildings make this town an artistic treasure (an additional UNESCO insertion). Sorano and Pitigliano, tuff cities, originated with rise of etruscian culture. Volterra, San Giminiano, Siena – this names are not only poetic, but has absolutely magical atmospere.
During our journey we will live at our own villa Gaia villa Gaia – no other staff or tourists, just our little group at villa with its own restaurant and 2 swimming pools. At evenings we will sit together to sort out photograps and teach together PS and photography tricks.

Ireland: Giants trail, 1-11 may 2014

Start in Dublin and travel right to the West coast and Connemara to experience diverse&scenic areas of Ireland over 11 nights. View the Giant’s Causeway, see the Cliffs of Moher, climb up on a good trail at Connemara to take a look at 12 Bens, take a jaunting car ride in Killarney, and much, much more! The long adventure around West, Central and Nord Ireland (UK).

Lofoten islands: chasing the Nothern Aurora, 9-16 march 2014

It is my second Lofoten winter tour this year. The day is longer for one hour compared with the first group, so we may travel longer to see more beautiful places. But the night is shorter. Everything is the same as in the first tour except the second one is sorter: from sunday to sunday, for busy people.

Lofoten islands: chasing the Nothern Aurora, 26 february - 8 march 2014

The tour I love most of all. We will live in Reine the first part of our journey, the authentic village. It is most amazing place at Lofoten: several small islands are scattered in the sea at the feet of magnificent Olstinden peak. Our home is situated on one of this islands named Hamnoy: it is traditional Norwegian cabin, named “rorbu”. But it is perfect comfort inside: warm house with shower, large hall and dining room.
Reine itself is amazing because it is pure traditional village at the south edge of Lofoten: small red and yellow houses look like cherries on the winter cake.
We will get at the “end of the world”, at the village “Å” one day. It is truly the razor-sharp edge of the world: “Å” is the last letter of Norwegian alphabet, and this is the last village at Lofoten archipelago. To say it is purely amazing is nothing to say – you must look at it, feel this atmosphere. There is a walking path towards the severe sea from this village. We should take it to look at famous Maelstrom whirpool (or imagine it at horizon between Lofoten and Varoy island, according to famous novell by Edgar Allan Poe). Skies are colored with red here at sunrise.
There are a lot of other arctic beaches in the short-list: Eggum, Unstad, Myrland. These words are magic for photographers who visited Lofoten. We should try to visit them all and take a look at amazing lakes on our way. I call Unstad “the boulder beach” because of large polished stones on the shore. At Eggum there is nice small lighthouse and German fort, with a lake under mountains and long stormy coast.
Do you know what is the “ice flower”? I will show you. This is amazing phenomena: when high tide lowers in winter, the smooth ice cracks on stones in the fjord, so sharp ice petals appear. East coast of Lofoten has a small road, we will get by it at sunrise to catch reflection of the sun in these “Lofoten roses”.